Before you purchase your first outfit, remember that there is no such thing as an “all purpose” outfit. If it is fresh water that you are interested in, to a degree, you can make it with one outfit. But remember, it will not suffice in the salt. For saltwater fly fishing, one requires a far more robust kit: a stronger rod and a more saltwater friendly reel. Saltwater fish are far stronger than fresh water fish. There is usually also a great deal of wind to contend with and the flies are larger and heavier. Always work from a budget, and remember: you cannot expect a R400.00 outfit to perform as well as one that costs R4,000.00. Having said that, it is not necessary to spend that sort of money on a first outfit.

In purchasing your outfit, look around and then visit a reputable dealer. They will steer you along the right path. Don’t be embarrassed if you feel you cannot afford the outfit that he is offering you. It is up to you to let him know what your ceiling price is.

Whilst looking around, you might notice a discrepancy in price. This is bound to happen, but remember, it’s not only price that you should be concerned with, but the service and back up Band advice that you get that is of paramount importance.

Maintenance is very important. Firstly, remove the plastic wrapper from the cork grip. Water will get in under the plastic, and the cork will rot. Always wash your rod, reel and line after each trip. Warm soapy water and a soft cloth will do. A squirt of Q20 on the inside and outside of the reel will help prevent corrosion. Once completely dry, you can store the items. Clean your line the same way as your rod and reel. Strip the line into a bath of warm water, pull it through a soft sponge or cloth and never use detergents on your fly line.