Congratulations on you having purchased a quality fly rod from Stealth. Please read this document carefully, because, although this is the most straightforward, and probably the best warranty on the market, the simple instructions must be adhered to.
This fly rod is UNCONDITIONALLY guaranteed for 12 months from date of purchase. Thereafter, should you have a breakage, parts will be supplied at a nominal fee for as long as that particular model is available. What is required in the event  you have to claim? All that is required, is that you send the entire rod, in its tube together with the till slip, or photocopy of the till slip as proof of purchase, together with your return address, and we will, on receipt of the rod, replace the broken section and return the rod to you immediately. Please don’t forget your name and return address. Remember, no till slip, no warranty! This warranty is valid only in South Africa.
Return address :  STEALTH FLY ROD PTY (LTD), P.O.BOX 589, PARKLANDS.